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The woman was arrested on 15 October, and a 49-year-old man - believed to be a buyer - was arrested a week later.

The woman has reportedly been ordered to stay away from her daughters and her former partner's niece as the investigation continues.

The backpacker arrived in Goa on February 23 and was seen by locals to be celebrating Holi with friends at Palolem, the Daily Mail reported, adding that Bhagat told police he sexually assaulted her and smashed her face with a beer bottle so that no one would identify the tourist.

The suspect was arrested in 2014 in connection with a string of thefts in the area targeting foreigners, the newspaper said.

Police arrested a man on Wednesday on charges of raping and murdering a 28-year-old British-Irish woman on a popular Goa beach on Holi, the latest in a series of crimes that has blighted the picturesque state’s reputation as a tourist haven.

She gained notoriety on the other side of the camera when she snapped a photo of an unwitting and unwilling subject — a naked 71-year-old woman in a gym locker room.

The firestorm of criticism that erupted after the Playboy model posted the pic online to mock the woman's body drew more attention than any centerfold of Mathers and led a judge Wednesday to order her to spend 30 days cleaning up graffiti on Los Angeles streets as punishment.

Deputy superintendent of police Sammy Tavares told HT a 23-year-old local criminal identified as Vikas Bhagat was arrested after locals reported seeing him with the tourist at the Palolem beach in south Goa on Holi, celebrated on Monday.“He has confessed to raping the victim and later killing her in order to hide his identity,” Tavares said.

Several foreigners have died in Goa over the past decade or so, including 15-year-old British schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling, whose bruised and semi-naked body was found in shallow water at Anjuna beach in 2008.

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