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What was Diana doing in Paris, at the dusty end of that long, hot summer 10 years ago? Excluded from Balmoral, where her sons holidayed with their father, she filled her summer with a trip to Greece in the green and gold Harrods jet, then the Med with Dodi on the Jonikal yacht.

The French capital shuts down in August, leaving the city shuttered and the streets deserted. Most Parisians had long gone, off to the country or the coast, thundering down the autoroute du sud towards the azure gleam of the Mediterranean. Then to Sardinia and on to another private plane to Paris.

According to legal documents, the judge decided to dissolve the four years marriage under the “unreasonable behavior” reason.The singer, 27, is rumored to be dating Derek Hough, while she is still recovering from malaria.The sportsman, 29, currently continues to train for the match against Bulgaria.This week's memorial service to commemorate her life is a perfect example.From the beginning, it seemed to be more about consolidating the redemption of Prince Charles than celebrating the life of his ex-wife.

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Ihr zufolge tauchte der Begriff erstmals Anfang der Nuller Jahre in Online-Dating-Profilen auf und wurde zur Bewegung, nachdem die Aktionskünstlerin Annie Sprinkle und Elizabeth Stephens ein Ökosex-Manifest veröffentlichten, in dem sie die Erde nicht als "Mutter", sondern als "Geliebte" bezeichnen.

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