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With a 20′ XLR cable, there’s plenty of length to cover the distance between the mic and interface/mic panel in almost any situation.

There’s also a shock mount included with the microphone, that provides plenty of separation from the mic stand and has a built in pop filter to prevent transient pops in your vocal recording.

These accessories can get expensive with other companies, especially with some shock mounts costing 0 .

RØDE really makes it easy for their customers to get everything they need in one conveniently priced package.

These are just my notes to help me find it all again.

(The last time I did a search of the net for Shaper literature was April 2012; online items from after that won't necessarily be indexed here.) These notes have, however, become a fairly long web page.

If you don't like hiss building up in your recordings, courtesy of noisy mics and preamps, have a listen to the NT1-A - you won't hear a thing. This mic has such an incredible dynamic range that it'll catch everything from blaring cymbals to a vocal breath ten feet away!

For users upgrading (or downgrading) their Network Management Card 2 device from v5. It offers users the ability to connect to it by using a serial communications cable.

Cause Users are unable to upgrade the firmware of the Network Management Card 2 (NMC) due to an interrupted or failed firmware upgrade attempt or because they are not able to communicate with the NMC over the network. Resolution The Boot Monitor is roughly equivalent to the BIOS in a computer system.

X, please review knowledge base FA167693 to understand several important considerations.

The factory_reset_confirm command is only available with NMC running Boot Monitor v1.0.8 and newer.

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