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Not knowing you could claim would not normally be considered good cause.Service pension or income support supplement will not be payable to a person before the person's provisional commencement day. Generally, if the registration is to be backdated for one of these reasons it would be backdated to 1 July 1998 or the date the person first qualifies for the scheme, whichever is the later.There may be circumstances where a person has been granted late registration but their registration was not backdated to the person's special date of eligibility at the time of registration.

You must make a request for backdating, this may be when you make your claim or at a later date.The time limit applies from the date the request for backdating was made.You must show good cause for the delay in making your claim.And, Entitlement ceased in the 31 days before the date the claim was received in an appropriate office because: The claimant started a new job, started self-employment, or increased their hours to 16 or more a week.Therefore WTC will be backdated to the date entitlement to benefit ceased, up to a maximum of 31 days, before the date of receipt of the tax credits claim.' (2) Low Income Tax Reform Group (LITRG) - 'Most awards of WTC are backdated automatically.

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