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The contorted state of the " """ '^^^' beds, at the north foot of the hills and numerous fissures filled with trap, render this part of the section obscure. Together with these Braehiopods, and beyond any doubt coming out of the same beds, I collected several specimens of three Cephalo- pods, which deserve a more detailed notice. Further examiaation of the fossils will probably show which of the affinities is greater, — that to the former, or that to the latter, formation, Phylloceeas Oldhami, Waagen, n. They are not very deep, and on the outer whorls, near the siphonal region, are barely perceptible.First, volcanic ash signatures beyond about 200 years are equivocal for a number of reasons, especially because the historical record older than 200 years becomes more sketchy the older the eruption. bands Weathered yellow or brown, and a calcareous breccia with trap and other enclosed fragments, were found, and still further up, hard gray calcareous rocks almost limestone interlaced with trap dykes, also clayey yellow bands and hard ' pencilly'* shale. The first seven lobes termi- nate with three priacipal fingers, the next three with two, the other five are simply pointed. D., Fellow of fke Royal and Geological Societies of London; 31ember of the Royal Irish Academy; Hon. Commencing to ascend the steep face of Putchum Peer, overlooking North side of Put- ^^^ Runn, some coarser beds, — gray calcareous chum Peer. I count fifteen lobes on each side from the siphonal to the sutural lobe, all about equal in shape, the first one, next to the siphonal lobe, being the largest, and from there they gradually diminish in size. ■ ■ 'i^^ ■J- '.'' ■,v '-':•'•' ■■" ■j; -V.-1 MEMOIRS GEOLOGICAL SUEYEY INDIA. PUBLISHED BY OEDBR OF HIS EXCEXLENOY THE GOTEENOE GENEEAL OF INDIA IN COUNCII, T7NDEE THE DIRECTION OP THOMAS OLDHAM, LL. Academy of Natural Sciences: of the Isis, Dresden ; of the Roy. Intruded among these lower beds are several doleritic dykes, one of red lava and a con- siderable mass of black coarsely crystalline augitic trap with closer grained olive veins, near Koorun-wand, which is highly magnetic, * Equal to a depressiou of 1'6 inches. The regularity of the lines of bedding and the alternation of the rocks in a place, where intrusion was less prominent, might be taken as evidence of contemporaneity : as it is, some of the finer beds have been, at least, intensely altered in situ ; being in places quite black and splintery, though still retaining traces of fossil plant fragments. PJir/llocerata, but the number of lobes is mucla greater than in any otber known form, and their position quite different.

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