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I definitely was not myself during that time and it wasn’t until the arrest that I was able to break free from it – the cycle was broken, thank God.‘Everything happens for a reason, as humiliating as the arrest was, I am grateful for it because I was able to break that relationship finally, see [Fanjul’s] lack of character and respect myself more and get out of it.‘Everything happens for a reason and I’m happy to be back in New York.’Mortimer, who joined the cast of Real Housewives of New York last October, added: ‘Right now I’m working on myself with counselling but in the future, I possibly will want to work with an organization that speaks with other women about this because if this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody.‘It does happen way more often than it should and a lot more women have gone through this.

It is something that I do going forward want to talk about but at this point, I’m just kind of working on myself.’The 41-year-old shot to fame in the 2000s thanks to her high profile marriage to Standard Oil heir Robert ‘Topper’ Mortimer and her penchant for attending glamorous parties.

Tinsley Mortimer was left ‘in a ‘dark place’ after being arrested last April but says the ‘humiliating’ experience finally gave her the courage to end her troubled relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

The socialite, 41, told Daily in an exclusive interview that she would eventually like to help other women who have suffered domestic abuse after she has finished getting her own life back on track.

In April 2016, she made headlines when she was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing at her ex Nico Fanjul's Palm Beach home.

Tinsley talked about her apartment search in her Bravo blog.

She wrote, “Mom could see I was a bit emotional about it all, and I think she understands that my life has been moving at such a rapid pace for the last year, going in so many different directions and on some difficult paths, that she understands making a decision to officially move into my own place, with all of my furniture stored away in Florida, is unsettling and overwhelming to me.”Poor, Tinsley.

Is the Tinz taking over Real Housewives Of New York? Tinsley Mortimer, the once famed NY socialite behind the failed reality show “High Society,” has seemingly lowered her standards sufficiently enough to become a Bravolebrity.“The ‘Housewives’ have been trying to get her forever . While the Tinz may not fit that bill per se, she definitely has an interesting social lineage and a certain down-on-her-luck prestige that could be intriguing.

I guess they finally did it,” sneered a socialite insider amid rumors that Tinsley has been filming for Real Housewives Of New York. With Jules Wainstein out, the powers that be at Bravo have been tying to entice big names or big clout (aka truly rich and fabulous) ladies to join the cast.

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