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In England, the Council of Westminster issued a decree in 1976 that prohibited fathers and males in general from giving out their daughters and female family members for marriage without the blessings of a priest.Later the council also declared that marriage should be open and not done in secret as was customary.Admittedly, modern day folklore and film seeks to depict middle ages romance and marriage as entirely romantic.Although there was no shortage of ideal love and marriages during this time, the institution of medieval marriage went through some notable evolution.

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It was not until the wake of the 16th century that the Council of Trent required that betrothals be blessed and performed by a priest.

Although marriages in the middle ages allowed for separation, there was no provision for official divorce.

However, marriages between close relatives could be annulled.

Betrothal There were two stages in marriage in the middle ages in Western Europe. The betrothal was more festival than the wedding was.

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