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The Russian Federation (early RSFSR, Soviet Russia) is the historical heir but not legal successor of the Russian Empire.

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“The Wolfcamp now holds the largest estimated, continuous oil accumulation that the USGS [U. Geological Survey] has assessed in the United States to date.” That’s how the USGS described its estimate for the Wolfcamp Formation in the Midland Basin.

A previously unknown morphotypes without costa and with very short costa are revealed in this group.

Twelve samples of white mica were analysed by Ar stepwise heating, complemented by two samples from the Monte Rosa nappe 100 km to the NE and also attributed to the Briançonnais terrane.

One Sm–Nd and three Lu–Hf garnet ages from eclogites were also obtained.

Operators are out in the undiscovered country—undiscovered resources are those that are estimated to exist based on geologic knowledge and theory.

Multichronometric analyses were performed on samples from a transect in the French–Italian Western Alps crossing nappes derived from the Briançonnais terrane and the Piemonte–Liguria Ocean, in an endeavour to date both high-pressure (HP) metamorphism and retrogression history.

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