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In fact, student loans are such a hot topic right now that they are a frequent, if not focal, point of discussion in the 2016 presidential primary debates.Interns from around the city protest near the Senate steps to urge the Senate to act on a House passed bill, Smarter Solutions for Students Act, which would prevent student loan interest rates from doubling.So Fi targets low risk borrowers with ultra-low rates and unique perks.These unique perks include an entrepreneurship program and career services for borrowers who lose their jobs.Student loan consolidation or refinancing can be a great tool to use for those looking to save on, or simplify, their monthly payments, but going that route can also have serious consequences if not approached carefully – there are even student loan consolidations scams to be aware of.That’s why we created this guide – to give borrowers a useful resource that empowers them to choose if student loan consolidation is right for them and which type may best suit their needs.When this site first reviewed So Fi, we described So Fi as a startup put together by a group of Stanford business students and funded by an alumni network.

And greater competition among private lenders recently has made student loan refinancing more accessible to borrowers.The average borrower can save nearly ,000 by refinancing their student loans, according to calculations by Credible, an online marketplace for lenders that offer student loan refinancing. Borrowers who refinance with private lenders can't take advantage of income-based repayment plans and public service loan forgiveness provided by federal loans.Though some private lenders offer forbearance if borrowers can't make their payments, those benefits aren't as robust as those with federal loans."Student loan refinancing is a relatively new concept and we've seen real increases in volume over the past 12 months," said Nick Clements, co-founder of price comparison website Magnify Money, which tracks private lenders that provide student loan refinancing.Social Finance, known as So Fi, sparked the latest boom in student loan refinancing in 2011, Clements said.

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Student loan debt is a grave concern in modern America.

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