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In Old Times, Sewell is to play Deeley, a film director in his 40s, a part previously played by an impressive roll call of actors – Anthony Hopkins, Colin Blakely, Robert Shaw ('I had a love since I was very young for those really great, useful actors; people who weren’t personas,’ Sewell says).Written in 1971, Old Times, one of Pinter’s 'memory plays’, is set in a farmhouse near the sea owned by Deeley and his wife, Kate.I’m jet-lagged from…’ You stretch that out as long as you can.I’m unemployed less now, but generally after I’ve done a really big and important job in my career, that’s when I’ve not worked for a long time.Wrapped in a fuzzy beige scarf over a tweedy overcoat, he is savouring being in London for these first biting days of winter (he has lived in Los Angeles with his girlfriend for the past four years).He guides me through the door of the cafe, remarking on the pleasure of being genuinely courteous after five days of needle-sharp Pinter dialogue.Anna, a friend of Kate’s from 20 years before, comes to visit; as she starts reminiscing, lines of conflict are drawn and no one’s recollections can be trusted.The creeping darkness of the play was perceptible from day one, Sewell says.

Though he may love and care for someone a great deal, Rufus Sewell rarely expresses his feelings openly and freely.

“She’s not the kind of person who would indulge that kind of thing, she’d be like, ‘Nonsense’. She just did me a nice turn.” With a nudge in the right direction his career swiftly took off; by the mid-1990s simultaneously conquering TV, stage and film with a flashy role in Tom Stoppard’s , but that was many years ago, Jesus Christ. I’ve bumped into Kate a couple of times since.” If that film was pivotal for both actors – launching Sewell on a film career path which would include “You do things that turn out five or six years later to be pivotal but at the time whenever you do anything significant, the immediate result tends to be unemployment.

Only when you look back with perspective do things seem important.” He’s learned to deal with bumps along the road.

'After the first day of rehearsal I came home with a feeling in my gut, as if someone had said something mean, but I hadn’t worked out what it was.’ Spending time in Sewell’s company produces quite the opposite of this feeling.

He is sparky and garrulous, with charm that matches his handsomeness and a rich masculine laugh that bubbles up with pleasing frequency.

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